All that needs to be said is "WOW"!
I've only looked at the birds gallery so far, but you get the clearest images I think I've ever seen.
I look forward to some pointers relating to light and shadow interpreted for the water color canvas.
Barbara Brown(non-registered)
Lovely work!! Great talent!
tapio holma(non-registered)
beautiful shots
Shauna Misseldine(non-registered)
Very, very nice Ken!
Curtis C Brown(non-registered)
Beautiful Photographs!
Ken Wagner(non-registered)
Just visited your 'Dog' collection. Sweet! Love the high light / catch light in their eyes and enjoyed seeing your Best Friends are well represented and was fun to visit after our recent conversation. :-)
Ken Wagner(non-registered)
Excellent images Ken! You have a very high standard. Congratulations
Mary Vermillion(non-registered)
Beautiful images, Ken! Thank you for sharing your talent.
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